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Roofing & cladding » 0.60 Corodek® Installation Hints

Download 0.60 CORODEK® Technical Specs PDF

Installation Hints


Metroll supplies 0.60 CORODEK® COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® steel sheeting cut to customer specifications depending on load limit regulations set by the relevant local transport authority. Lengths to be manufactured and shape/radius of curves need to be site measurements, not those taken off plans. To prevent damage when lifting long lengths, ensure that the sheets are lifted with the use of multiple lift point spreader bars.

Handling of Material

When handling 0.60 CORODEK® care should be taken at all times to preserve the quality of the finish. Packs need to be kept dry and stored above ground on dunnage whilst awaiting installation. If the sheets become wet these need to be separated, wiped and placed in the open air to dry.

Laying Sequence

For projects that require lapping of 0.60 CORODEK®, ensure that the sheets are installed in the sequence shown below.

Please contact your nearest Metroll office for end lapping of mixed BMT sheets.

Walking on Roof Sheeting

When walking on 0.60 CORODEK® roof sheeting always wear flat rubber soled shoes and walk over areas where you have installed purlin or batten supports.


Saw-toothing occurs when curved steel sheets are overlapped. This is an inherent part of bullnosing and cannot be avoided. To ensure that the roof being fixed is running square it is essential that the saw-tooth at each sheet’s end are equal in measurement.

Installation Tips

Use a carpenter’s level to lay the first sheet. To ensure that the overlaps are snug, Metroll recommends using a rope with a hook at one end. Position the overlap and put the hook over the far end of the sheet running the rope down the overlap towards the curved end. Apply a downward force to the end of the rope while tapping the sheet slightly. A loop in the end of the rope will act as a stirrup for the fixer. Always measure every third or fourth sheet to check for squareness.

Location of Fasteners at Supports

0.60 CORODEK® may be fastened to timber or steel supports by conventional crest fixing. There should be 5 fixings per sheet at ends and end laps for normal conditions and 3 fixings per sheet at intermediate supports. For severe exposure conditions, higher wind design pressures can be achieved by use of 5 fixings per sheet at intermediate supports.

Fixing Fastener Location


Softwood Timber Supports
M6 -11 x 50mm Roof Zips®, Hex Head with washer.

Hardwood Timber Supports

T17 -12 x 50mm HiGrip®, Hex Head with washer.

Steel Supports up to 5mm thick

M5.5 x 39mm AutoTeks®, Hex Head with washer.


At the end of each work day, remove all foreign debris, screws, rivets and especially any swarf from drilling or cutting from the roof surface or from inside the gutters. Failure to do this may result in premature corrosion of the roof or gutter systems.


Never use lead flashings with 0.60 CORODEK® roof sheeting, as these products are inert materials. Drainage from copper roofs onto ZINCALUME® steel, COLORBOND® steel or galvanised steel roofing or rainwater products should not be allowed.


0.60 CORODEK® sheeting can be roll formed to order in ZINCALUME® steel, a wide range of COLORBOND® steel or galvanised steel. Please enquire at your nearest Metroll office with regard to lead times, colours and availability.

Harsh Environments

If you intend to use 0.60 CORODEK® sheeting within 1km of industrial, salt, or unusually corrosive environments, do not hesitate to contact your nearest Metroll office for more information.

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